Light Bulb as Lighting System for Interior Decoration

A new concept of home interior design is the idea of applying the natural interior decoration such as light bulb. The natural decoration for the home interior brings the comfortable living place with the elegant and refreshing outlook. The power of this home interior concept comes from the furniture that is used to decorate the entire building. Unique patterns of the furniture surely beautify and strengthen the refreshing atmosphere towards the interior decoration. Cleanness and cozy atmosphere definitely becomes the comfortable part to convey the owner. Not only from the material but also comes from the color that represents the nature.

The use of white color tone of this interior evokes the cozy and cleanness natural interior design with vintage pattern of the furniture and light bulb depot for the lighting system. Classic decoration definitely showcases its existence in monotonous design with contrasting detail of black color of some furniture. This interior perfectly combines the classic and modernity within one interior decoration in modern color tone and vintage furniture. It becomes one example of the use of natural decoration that brings the comfortable living within the residence.

Natural furniture that is applied to decorate the interior brings its material and also the color tone to convey the owner with the natural appearance. This metal pendant light brings the natural accent in modern design by employing the gold color tone to represent the sandy nuance. Decorated in communal concept, its existence surely beautifies the outlook of the interior. Vintage pattern of this lamp sconce beautifies the wall decoration with its sandy color tone in gold. Another design of the furniture is the application of natural material. Simple pendant lights apply the use of wooden material to design the cone of the lamps that brings the refreshing natural detail towards the ceiling design. Modern design of geometric pattern brings the contemporary nuance for the pendant light. Stones and woods become the perfect combination to reveal the magnificent outlook of the vintage cabinets.

Different style by including the natural accent towards the modern home interior surely presents the comfortable atmosphere that pleases the owner with its simple and elegant design. The existence of the natural furniture surely beautifies the home interior with the different concept. Cozy and ecological nuance definitely conveys the owner in simplicity. Stones and woods become some examples of strong natural decoration beside the natural color tone that also exposes its power to bring the natural accent toward the interior design. Those descriptions about light bulb types as the natural decorations become the new concept for natural interior design style that brings the nature to offer the convenient living experience.


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Piano Bench Cushion for Contemporary Interior Design

The existence of piano to decorate the contemporary interior design surely enhances the glamorous outlook for the home design especially the one with piano bench cushion. Modern design of this piano definitely exposes the new and different outlook within the house. This piano surely brings the spotted object of the interior decoration with its fabulous and luxurious design. You can check more at Significant focal point definitely offers an unusual interior decoration that different from the common modern home interior design.

This piano showcases a striking design with piano bench cushion cover and the combination of black and red color with the translucent glass material to build the thing. This thing brings the different plan of contemporary interior design styles. Surrounded with the transparent glass facade, this piano is nestled at the corner and beside the facade to bring the spotted object with its glamorous outlook. Simple and modern chairs and table beside it becomes the favorite place to enjoy the pianos appearance or enjoy the music that is played with this piano. The high class style of this interior decoration is surely showcased to amaze the guests with its existence towards the decoration of home interior.

As usual, the piano is commonly nestled at the corner of the room. This home interior successfully showcases the elegant outlook of it with the synchronizing wall decoration with some musician’s portrait. The existence of this piano also showcases the hobby and sense of the owner about the music and art. It is also used to enhance the elegant nuance inside the house when it is played by the owner. To enjoy the music player, the modern sofa design in similar color tone with the piano definitely pleases the guests with the comfortable atmosphere with surrounding music of the piano.

Piano becomes a striking thing to enhance and strengthen the home interior design. The existence of this thing surely brings a different experience towards the guests that stay within the house. The reason of choosing piano as the part of interior decoration is based on the sense of the owner that adores about the music. It also can be used to beautify the interior design. Pleasant nuance surely pleases the guests when it is played. Modern design of this piano that different from the common piano definitely brings a significant outlook toward the interior. This piano surely offers the new and magnificent contemporary interior design style with adorable piano bench cushion pattern and high class decoration of modern interior decoration.

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Arch Window Treatment for Magnificent Modern Home Renovation

Designing a modern home renovation for the classic building construction evokes the new outlook towards the building such as for the arch window treatment. describes that old building from stones construction has a magnificent design with its gutsy and elegant construction. The spacious area within it becomes the proper area to nestle the modern interior home design that surely brings the pleasant living from its interior design concept. Minimalist arrangement in brightly color tone strengthens the cozy and comfortable place with the classic building construction.

Bright, minimalist, and open facade design become the one kind of modern home renovation ideas that offers the significant and contrasting nuance between the interior decoration and building construction including the arch window treatment ideas. Within the stones building, the modern interior decoration strengthens the magnificent nuance with the cleanness and elegant design. Open facade design with the glass material becomes the perfect plan to be combined with the classic old building facade from stones. The curved design of the stones sills evokes the elegant decoration to bring the pride.

At the living room, minimalist concept brings the spacious area in cleanness and cozy nuance that comes from the pale colored sofa and modern table. At the alley, the spacious area results the airy and ergonomic nuance because of the high ceiling design and natural decoration of the wall and ceiling. Cleanness kitchen employs the pale colored cabinets within the stones building construction to bring the different culinary activity. Move to the bedroom design, the brightly white bed surely results the comfortable sleeping in elegant bedroom decoration. Feel the different bathing with the tube shower room design in transparent decoration.

Those short explanations about the modern decoration to renovate the old building becomes one striking ideas to transform the old and unused building to be appropriate place to live. The contrasting concept between the building and interior decoration definitely results the fascinating living place with the different nuance of the overall home design. Surrounded by stones material, the modern pale colored home furniture and interior decoration presents the new living experience with the cozy and glamorous atmosphere around. This kind of modern house renovation ideas offers a new idea to transform the old building to be a magnificent building with DIY arch window treatment for living.

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All White Bedding with Natural Concept in Modern Rustic House Design

The idea of building a modern rustic house within this era evokes a different concept of home design such as all white bedding for the bedroom interior. This info has reference from Surrounded by the refreshing circumstances of village view, the rustic house surely presents the magnificent living experience. To strengthen the comfortable living, the synchronizing idea between the surrounding environments with the house design is needed. Naturalistic concept surely becomes the proper concept to evoke the fabulous living at the rustic circumstance. Woods and stones with the combination of transparent facade surely exploit your living experience in stunning nuance.

The combination of woods, stones, and glass material including the all-white bedding modern becomes one striking modern rustic house plans that presents the synchronizing atmosphere between the outdoor and indoor. The typical building construction in traditional rustic house design unites these materials into one building. Surrounded by wooden and glass facade, the elegant building surely brings the convenient living with the warm and naturalistic outdoor view that can be enjoyed through the glass wall design. For foundation, the gutsy material from stones strengthens the elegant outlook of this modern traditional rustic house with naturalistic construction.

At the inside of the house, cleanness nuance definitely pleases the owner with the brightly and warm atmosphere from the combination of white and natural decoration. Modern furniture becomes the significant interior decoration to evoke the modernity. At the living room, the spacious area employs the modern grey sofa within the white wall and wooden ceiling decoration. Warm and cozy atmosphere surely pleases the living. At the private room, this special room uses the idea of transparent facade to present the fabulous natural outdoor view. Combined with the wooden and stones decoration, modern sofa in minimalist decoration definitely brings the absolute satisfaction. This open plan also pleases the owner with the bedroom decoration when the stones wall and wooden ceiling is combined with the simple white bed decoration.

Naturalistic house design for the modern rustic home design becomes one innovative design. This is a new style of rustic house design with the combination of modern home plan. The classic building construction seems hide the convenient living with the elegant decoration in modern concept. Warm and cozy atmosphere definitely brings the fascinating living. Minimalist decoration employs the spacious and relief area to evoke the comfortable place to live. Open home plan in transparent facade strengthens the fabulous nuance within the house with the direct view from the outdoor. Those descriptions about the contemporary rustic house with all white bedding set bring one innovative modern rustic house designs by combining the traditional and modernity to construct the fabulous natural rustic house.


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Rattan Chairs as Homey Furniture Style in Artistic Interior Design

To work in an office with artistic interior furniture design such as for the rattan chairs is exciting and giving more spirit for anyone inside it. This is an example of the Antonella Dedini’s studio office where she has to create all of her architectural projects. This studio feels so homey with various decoration accessories around the house interior. Located in Milan, Italy, this office is decorated in artful design, yet comfortable to work in it.

Interior is designed in neutral color. The white painted walls constructed from the concrete material dominate the interior decoration. There is plenty of artistic stuff placed on every corner of the house. The woven chair lies next to the stainless steel standing lamp below the rectangular glass windows. Brown wooden cabinet also makes this spot becomes attractive. If we see the whole interior, we can know that ceiling is designed in the same style of the wall whereas the flooring made from the patterned ceramic tiles. The artistic interior design ideas which apply rattan chairs in living room really work in this house.

This studio also has bright room decorated in white color scheme. Furniture is well blended with the basic room construction. A set of table and chairs become the place where the team develops their ideas in making a lot of house project. Above the table, we can see that the table lamps also play role for brightening this interior. Brown color accent becomes the frame of windows and doors. Many of paintings or photo frames are attached to the wall giving more features to the plain wall.

White tall bookshelf is located at the side of the wall where the inhabitants can take every kind of book they want. Because of its neat arrangement, it will be easy for them to find the books they need too. Pendant lamp is installed above some tables and rattan chairs indoor to give more light especially at night or dark times. In this awesome interior design ideas office space, you can also find the kitchen to make some meal in case you are hungry.

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Wood Plank Tile with Brown Flooring Color for Futuristic Interior Design

Many house projects apply the dark brown flooring for the wood plank tile because it gives elegant decoration for the house interior. This is what the Habitat Studio & Workshop done, in the house project named as The Bojo. Front facade of the house is designed in grey wall scheme. Some part of the exterior is also constructed in brown wood paneling. Glass windows in rectangular shape also complete the design where the residents can see the outdoor environment from the inside of the house.

At the other side of the house, we will find the green courtyard. This makes the house looks natural and comfortable to live in. There is terrace in brown design at the front side of the house. We have to see the interior of the house because of its amazing concept. The house ground has dark brown laminate flooring from made from the hardwood such as wood plank tile in kitchen. This color scheme is combined with the grey wall. The incorporation of dark brown and grey creates an elegant room design.

Light grey sofa is placed at the living room with some patterned pillows. We will also find the black glossy grand piano at the corner of the room. The modern fireplace completes the decoration at the center of the grey wall. It is built among the shelf filled with some decorative stuff. Not far away from the living room, there is stylish kitchen dominated by the dark brown color scheme. Kitchen Island is surrounded with some metallic stools that makes the kitchen becomes more accessible.

There is modern staircase attached to the room’s wall. This staircase leads us into the second floor of the house. The railing is designed in steel metallic railing with the transparent glass material. This continues into the second floor’s fences bordering the upper house area. Almost every room in this house has dark brown laminate wood flooring for the wood plank tile design in contemporary house design.

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Wooden Countertops as Kitchen Accessories in Modern Residence Interior Design

Decorating the house by using the brick wall exterior is interesting as well as in the kitchen interior with wooden countertops. This is what the Moxon Architects did at the residence in Chelsea, London, England. This house project is named as the Chelsea Town House with the use of brick as its front wall decoration. Windows are constructed in glass construction and white framing. In front of the house, we will find the small but beautiful garden. It is filled with bushes and flowers in different colors. This makes the house environment becomes natural and green. This info was posted by

Before entering the house, the windows and door are built in wide glass material. Black framing also completes this glass design. This is a good building concept because it makes the house filled with the natural sunrays. Therefore, the interior becomes bright and minimalizes the use of electricity especially at day. Front terrace has white tile material which is the same design with the house interior. The brick exterior wall systems and wooden countertops bathroom in this house are really enchanting.

As we get into the house, we will see the bright room decoration constructed in white painted concrete material. One unique decoration inside this house is the bookshelf design. The bookshelf is tall made from the light brown wood. Shelves are completed with some cabinets too. This way, residents can store anything they want inside the cabinet. Glass gives a modern touch for this stylish bookshelf.

This book rack connects to the staircase of the house. The staircase steel railing is attached to the surface of the bookshelf. By using this method, space can be well utilized. This becomes much more useful to be applied in small residence because we can save more space. If we walk further into the kitchen, we find the cabinet in glossy white material. Painting is mounted to the wall giving some feature for the plain wall. By applying wooden countertops kitchen, whether it is thick or thin brick wall systems, the most important is the strength and durability of the material.

That’s all our tips about home furniture.

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Floating Vanity in Contemporary Beach House with Green Garden Exterior

Living in the open beach house is very exciting because we can relax in the home with airy atmosphere especially the one with floating vanity for the bathroom interior. The Tanner Kibble Denton Architects planned the Pacific Road House project that has location in Palm Beach, Sydney, Australia. This is two floor story home decorated in white grey wall exterior. It has wide courtyard grown with many of trees and bushes. This creates the natural environment which is good for the health of the residents. Stone pathways are made among the green garden under the lush big tree.

We will find the wood decking terrace and floating vanity for small bathroom in this open beach house design. There are some pieces of furniture completing this outdoor house area where the residents can enjoy the weather with family or friends. Concrete becomes the main material for constructing this building. It is also combined with glass for many parts of the house. The exterior is layered with the grey material too. This makes the house looks beautiful and stylish. We can see the house balcony at the second floor bordered with the steel fences.

The front room is also designed in wide glass windows in white frames. From this house area, the blue ocean can be seen clearly in continuous view. What an amazing house plan it is! Interior is dominated with the white and light brown color scheme. The combination of these two colors make the house has elegant and warm interior decoration. The stone walls add more feature into the interior because of its textured surface. This stone material is also used to construct the modern fireplace inside the house.

Move into the kitchen, this cooking space is decorated in blonde wooden cabinet. Bright design becomes the concept of this room which lets the natural sunlight to get into the house easily. Kitchen Island has glossy white material completed with the washbasin. This open plan beach house design which applies floating vanity DIY is very stunning with great building concept.

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90Storage Idea Displaying Dining Ware and Canister Next to StoveCREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90Parallel with Floor to Ceiling Cabinet and Island with Sink

Low Bed Frames for Apartment Decorating Interior Design and Concept

The style of brick wall apartment with low bed frames is unique because it gives special texture for the interior. Brick has patterned feature coming from several types. This apartment situated in Union Square, Manhattan, New York, United States, will enchant you with its elegant design. The interior is designed in concrete material and brick wall for some part of the room. This residence can also be rented for short time and will never regret you because of its amazing interior concept. You can read more info from

In this apartment, there is staircase made from the steel material and low bed frames wood. It will lead you into the upper floor of the residence. Under the stairs, the caramel brown sofa is placed there together with the original wood featured table. The yellow tulips lie above the table which bring fresh atmosphere of the outdoor element. Brick wall apartment design is made for the wall behind this furniture set. The ceiling and another side of the wall are painted in white color scheme. Moreover, the ground is constructed in light brown hardwood flooring.

At this stylish apartment, you will also find the white L-shaped sofa decorating the room besides the wide glass windows. Long curtain completes the decoration used for layering the windows if needed. Some green plant pots are located next to the sofa and make the room feels natural. Get into the kitchen; we will see the modern kitchen style in white and metallic feature. Kitchen bar and table are made from the stainless steel. There are some steel stools near the kitchen’s table.

Three bedrooms are built inside this residence. Each bedroom is planned in different interior decoration. One bedroom has comfortable design dominated in white color scheme. The wide glass windows beside the bed will allow you to see the outdoor neighborhood clearly. This apartment’s interior can also be applied for brick wall small apartment which is designed with low bed frames ideas for the bedroom bed furniture because of its beautiful design.

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